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 Tour lasting 8 days and 7 nights  975 € (VAT included)     Departure every Saturday from March to September


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The space chosen is the westernmost part of continental Europe, the North-western corner of the Iberian Peninsula, the former Roman Gallaecia.

It starts in Vigo, the capital of the inlet that bears the same name, and heads north along the Atlantic coast, going into the Rías Bajas area of Galicia (Spain) to go up the Ulla River to Padrón. It finishes in Santiago de Compostela, the head of one of the routes that crossed Europe in the Middle Ages.


You will get the new “Compostela Náutica,” the nautical pilgrim’s passport, given by the Cathedral of Santiago for having gone over 100 nautical miles by sea and walked the final stage of the Portuguese route in the direction of Santiago de Compostela, a world heritage site. You will also attend a pilgrim’s mass.

You will get to know Vigo, the European capital of the fishing and canning industry, its old quarter, its cuisine, and its traditional music. We offer you beaches and hiking in the Cíes, Ons, and Sálvora Islands, which form a part of the Atlantic Islands National Park. You will sail and ride a motorboat around the Mar de Arosa and the Ulla River, the site of the Apostle’s “La Traslatio.” You will receive the official certificate corresponding to your pilgrimage.

In Rías Baixas, you will discover the world of the Celts, their history, culture, and music. We will visit museums, churches, and monuments. You will experience their seafood and whaling tradition. You will taste their world famous cuisine: shellfish, fish, squid… and their wines: D.O. Albariño, D.O. Ribeiro, and D.O. Rías Baixas.

With this cruise the groups are no larger than 10 people and we want them to be like a group of friends, with a common spirit of pilgrimage and adventure. At El Camino por Mar® we know the area very well and we will show you places that only local people know, so that your experience is truly unique.


Adventure, Culture, Nature, Cuisine

On this trip, El Camino por Mar® will take you from the city of Vigo in Rías Baixas to Santiago de Compostela. It’s an adventure that combines sightseeing in cities, road trips, sailing over 100 miles along the coast of the Atlantic, hiking and beaches in the Atlantic Islands National Park, a motorboat trip up the Ulla River and, finally, walking the final stretch of the St. James Way to reach the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and participate in a pilgrim’s mass.

We will do part of “La Traslatio,” which is to say that we will follow the actual route that the disciples took with the remains of St. James from the Holy Land.

And we’ll do it in a sporting, cultural, contemporary way

camino santiago mar


People who get to Vigo on Friday can purchase the extra night onboard option and stay that night on the boat tied up at the Real Club Náutico in Vigo (shower service, wifi, common room, etc.)

We suggest going out for dinner or tapas in the old quarter and visiting some of the places that offer live music.


9:00 Reception and accommodation on the sailboat. We’ll review the plan of the cruise and safety measures. We’ll distribute jobs and cabins by drawing lots. You will get the merchandising, the information folder, and pilgrim’s passport (they’ll give us the first stamp at the Real Club Náutico in Vigo). We’ll buy food and stow it in the boat.

11:00 Sail to San Simón Island. A visit to this historical island. We’ll disembark at the port of San Adrián de Cobres. Stamping of the pilgrim’s passport and lunch.

15:30 We’ll head to Cangas de Morrazo. We’ll visit the town and fishing market, or if most people would rather, we will anchor at a beach.

19:00 We’ll sail to Bayonne and arrive at 20:30 at the port where the caravel “La Pinta” landed when it came back from America with the first news of the existence of the “New World.” Shower and laundry service and bar in the Yacht Club in Bayonne. You can visit the port and go sightseeing in the old quarter: restaurants, tapas bars, and fashionable nightclubs. Night onboard.

* Premium option: Night and breakfast in the National Parador of Bayonne (4*).


 Breakfast onboard and time to visit the town. Some things that stand out are the replica of “La Pinta,” the Casa de la Navegación, the Virgin of the Rocks, the chapel of Santa Liberata, and the Monterreal fort. Shopping. The pilgrim’s passport will be stamped in the captain’s office.

13:00 We set off for the Cíes Islands (Atlantic Islands National Park) sailing the Vigo inlet.

14:30 Anchoring at the Rodas beach in the Cíes Islands: the most beautiful beach in the world according to “The Guardian.” You can relax on the boat or disembark in the dinghy. There is swimming, snorkelling, hiking on different routes, bird-watching. They will stamp our pilgrim’s passports in the park office or at Casa Chuco. Lunch will be onboard or in the restaurants on the island (fresh fish, seafood). There will be a night hike or you can relax in the bar of the campground, night onboard.


 9:00 Sail to Cape Udra. Breakfast onboard as we look out at the grandeur of the cliffs of “Costa de la Vela” on the starboard side.

11:00 Anchor and disembark at Mourisca beach, where an old salting factory has been restored and can be visited. Beach, snorkelling, and hiking on the routes programmed in the Cape Udra Nature Reserve.

14:00 Lunch onboard.

15:30 Sail the lovely Aldán inlet.

16:45 Anchor in the fishing port of Aldán and visit an artisanal seafood cleaning operation, stroll around the village, and get our pilgrim’s passport stamped at the parish church.

17:00 We will set off for Portonovo crossing the Pontevedra inlet.

19:00 As chosen by a majority vote, anchoring or mooring at the Club Náutico in Portonovo. A meal onboard. Free time: a stroll around Portonovo or to Sanxenxo, a place where you can rub elbows with the jet-set of northern Spain, tapas, nightlife.


9:00 We’ll have breakfast on our way to Bueu.

10:00 Mooring in the port of Bueu and visit to the Massó Museum, a point of reference for the canning and whaling industry. Archaeology and sailing. Stamping of the pilgrim’s passport.

12:30 We’ll head in the direction of Ons Island, enjoying spectacular views of the different islands that make up the Atlantic Islands National Park.

14:00 We’ll anchor on Ons Island until the next day. Lunch onboard or in one of the restaurants specialised in preparing squid “a feira”, in caldeirada or grilled. The rest of the day we can visit the island’s museum, the village and its small shrine, go the beach, go snorkelling or hiking to Buraco do Inferno or on one of the programmed routes. There is nightlife in Casa Checho.  Night onboard.

16:00 We will sail the Pontevedra inlet to the lovely fishing village of Combarro, famous for its hórreos (typical Galician raised granary) next to the sea and granite stonecutting.

18:15 Arrival at the marina in Combarro: Shower and laundry service, bar. A stroll through the town, and the afternoon free. There will be a snack onboard. Night onboard in port.


 9:00 We’ll set off for Sálvora Island. Breakfast onboard while we watch the “bateiro” boats work catching mussels.

10:45 Disembark in Sálvora: we’ll hike to the lighthouse, visit a Galician country house, beach, go snorkelling, relax.

12:30 Sail to Cambados, one of the most active Galician fishing ports, capital of Albariño wine, catalogued as an artistic historical site.

14:00 We will tie up at the port of Cambados. We’ll have lunch and rest onboard, visit the city and the fish auction at the market at 16:30.

18:00 We’ll set off for El Grove, admiring the spectacular views of the Arosa inlet.

18:30 We’ll arrive at the port of El Grove. Free time: a stroll around the fishing village and Toja Island (Chapel of A Toxa, spa, Grand Hotel and Casino, soap factory).

 * Premium option: Night and breakfast at the National Parador of Cambados.


 9:30 We’ll set off for Areoso Island, a protected natural area.

10:45 Disembark on the island: beach, snorkelling, a stroll around the lovely dunes and reef, a megalithic dolmen from the 3rd millennium BC.

12:00 We’ll sail the picturesque Arosa inlet, headed for Villagarcía and the naval port of Carril, a clam paradise.

14:30 Lunch in the marina at Villagarcía de Arosa. Shower and laundry service, bar.

16:00 Free afternoon: relax onboard, go to the beach, stroll around Villagarcía to the fishing village of Carril, visit the church of Santiago and the beautiful Cortegada Island. Shopping (ceramics, leather goods).

Last night onboard the sailboat, in port. In the morning we will start the trip up the Ulla River in a motorboat.


 9:00 We’ll say good-bye to the sailboat and its captain and meet with the skipper of the motorboat. Heavy luggage will be delivered to be taken to the hotel.

12:00 We’ll start up the Ulla River to Pontecesures, with a stop at the western towers of Catoira (a 12th-century artistic historical monument). We’ll have an aperitif at River Club Vilarello and the river beach

14:00 Lunch in Padrón, you can order some of their famous peppers.

15:30 Visit to the Pedrón (the stone where they tied up the boat with the remains of the Apostle) at the church of Padrón. We will start walking towards Rúa do Francos (11.74 Km), reliving the final route of the disciples, through the towns of Padrón and Teo.

19:15 We reach the hotel Casa Parada de Francos, where we will stay the night. We suggest having dinner at the restaurant Casa Carboeira, specialised in squid omelette.


7:30 Breakfast in the hotel.

8:30 We will start the final, most moving phase of the Portuguese route of the St. James Way on foot (12.47 Km).

11:30 Arrival at Obradoiro Square in front of the cathedral. A well-earned rest.

12:00 Pilgrim’s mass in the Cathedral, and afterwards you can visit the pilgrimage museum or look at the cathedral’s ceilings.

14:30 Delivery of La Compostela, the pilgrim’s passport. Pick up the luggage, which the organization has brought from the hotel at La Rúa de Francos.

This wonderful trip is over.

From Santiago, connections to the airport, railway, and buses.

Premium option: Night in the Reyes Católicos National Parador (5* GL).


VAT and other taxes are included in the price


Sailboat cruise in Rias Baixas and Atlantic Islands National Park.

Professional boat captains and guides.

Our boats are in perfect condition. Our safety materials comply with the regulations of the General Department of the Merchant Navy.

Motorboats for disembarking and for going up the Ulla River.

Mooring fees at 2 ports and for anchoring in the park. Fuel, sailing permits.

Insurance for boat and occupants. International traveller’s insurance.


Bed linens (we recommend a sleeping bag).

Everything that isn’t mentioned in the list of “Concepts included in the price.”



Documentation and information on stages.

Management of credentials to get “La Compostela Náutica,” the nautical pilgrim’s passport.

Luggage transfer for the 2 stages on foot

Pilgrim’s mass at the Cathedral of Santiago.


Dinner at the Carboeira Restaurant (Rúa de Francos).

Lodging in cabins and shared double rooms

6 nights in a sailboat in a shared double cabin

1 night with breakfast in the Hotel Parada Casa de Francos in a shared double room

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In order to improve your experience, the groups are a maximum of 10 people and we already have a lot of interest in the 2017 season


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